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Current objectives

The establishment of a forum to initiate various activities from which the reconstruction of Aleppo is supported at an international level, in particular with UNESCO, to be carried out in cooperation with the Aleppo Old City Committee and the Syrian Department of Antiquities.

Maintaining close relationships with Syrian and international architects, urban planners, archaeologists, historians and public institutions from various counties as well as with universities, associations and private persons.

To collect relevant, up-to-date information regarding war damage from satellites, planes and drones as well as from documentation passed on by the residents of Aleppo, in order to organize a research database for the reconstruction of Aleppo.

Long-term objectives

The reconstruction of the old city of Aleppo by implementing both new and traditional strategies as well as by integrating historical sources.

Postwar rehabilitation of the old city of Aleppo in dialogue with the new city – considering the new city as a whole, which will result from the joint development of the Old and New City.
The reconstruction of the new city of Aleppo using newly developed strategies that are linked with content and urban characteristics of the old city.

In cooperation with UNESCO and DM - World Heritage Committee: the integration of archeology in preliminary planning processes and subsequent implementation of excavations to prove the lack of information covering older epochs.

The integration of inhabitants of the old city with specialists on the ground for the reconstruction of Aleppo.

Promoting awareness for cultural heritage and needed identity for a new, old city of Aleppo.

Revival of traditional craft which is significant both for the reconstruction of Aleppo and for the local identity that has been weakened by continuous war.

Vocational training of Syrian refugees in crafts such as stonemasonry, woodworking, electrical engineering and installation techniques - expertise that will be put into use during the reconstruction of Aleppo.

Initiation of a workshop in Beirut in the fall of 2016 during which the results of the ideas competition as well as wider strategies for rehabilitation of Aleppo will be analysed. In cooperation with architects, urban planners, archaeologists, historians, institutions, universities, associations and finally, private persons, the workshop will function as a scrutinizing tool, where the results will play a major role in identifying real potential solutions.

Stand Berlin / 25.03.2016